Call for Papers - Researching and Communicating Taiwan’s Cultural Diplomacy

25-26th October 2019, University of Vienna, Campus, Austria

Taiwan Studies Centers are among those institutions attempting to both analyze Taiwan and make the country better known internationally and academically. The Centers are the result of years, even decades, of Taiwan-related academic work. However, the majority of Taiwan Studies programs have not reached their first decade. Thus the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Vienna Center for Taiwan Studies is a milestone worth celebrating. 

When it comes to pursuing Taiwan Studies, or being a Taiwan (Studies) Center, we may ask: what channels are best used to promote greater knowledge of Taiwan? Which activities have proven most appropriate and successful: teaching, film events, musical presentations and exchanges, or more?

Such cultural avenues have been successful elsewhere. How can these varied experiences be adopted in Vienna and continental Europe? Can the Vienna Center for Taiwan Studies be singular, exceptional and outstanding, and should it be? 

The aim of this international conference is to identify and discuss best practices and relate them, with positive or negative experiences, to the Vienna Center for Taiwan Studies. Examples may include academic as well as rather popular events outside the university.

We are looking for suggestions for the next decade of the Vienna Center for Taiwan Studies, and its sustainable future. These might include more general ideas that are applicable to Taiwan Studies worldwide.