Directions from Airport Wien-Schwechat to Hotel-Pension Excellence + to Campus

Public transportation from Vienna’s airport to the Pension Excellence, where all participants will stay, and the nearby University of Vienna campus, takes a little more than an hour, and involves two changes and a short walk.

A taxi from the airport is quicker (depending on traffic), but costs 25-35 € and is not reimbursed. Please note our cell phone number to call in case of any questions of problems during local transit.

Please note: take the S- or RJ-trains; CAT tickets or taxi fares are not reimbursed.



Airport Wien-Schwechat

from exit → to the left, direction OEBB/train symbol (red) or Schnellbahn Symbol

You have to go down a downward sloping stretch, then turn right, following the signs until you reach the VOR or OEBB ticket machine.

A one-way trip costs 4.10 €. Please keep the ticket for reimbursement. You can use the same ticket to reach your final destination, as it also covers U-Bahn (subway) and tram (Straßenbahn).

At airport: Take ticket and go down one floor to the platforms. There are only 2 options. Take direction Floridsdorf, usually also marked „City Center“ or RJ train marked „Hauptbahnhof“/ Main Station.

Do not take CAT. It is expensive, and its final stop does not connect to the subway. CAT also cannot be reimbursed.

To and from Vienna Airport (Schwechat) to Campus/ Pension Excellence via Vienna Main Station (Hauptbahnhof) takes 1 hr 5 mins (at least)

Airport to Vienna Main Station: take any RJ train, arrival always at platform 8 A – C
From the airport: Vienna Main Station is the next stop.

Vienna Main Station to Airport: departure any RJ, always leaving from platform 9 A – C

At Vienna Main Station: take the escalator down 1 floor direction Südtiroler Platz platforms 1 – 7, U 1. S-trains and tram 18. Do not take exit „Karl-Popper Str.“, it’s the wrong one!

Downstairs: Turn right toward platforms 1 – 7, U1 and buses. You could go another 2 floors down towards a shopping gallery and platforms 1 and 2, but no need now!

Having passed the escalators to platform 3 you enter the main hall. Turn left. Passing shops (Manner, fruit juice), go straight ahead and leave the hall on its left hand side. Bus 13 A stops a few metres to your right. (As the bus terminates at Hauptbahnhof, take any bus waiting or arriving.)

Your final stop from Main Station is Skodagasse. Take bus 13 A to its final stop, Skodagasse.

The bus takes close to 30 mins. The stops are:

Hauptbahnhof → Kolschitzkygasse → Belvederegasse → Rainergasse → Johann-Strauß-Gasse →

Leibenfrostgasse → Ziegelofengasse → Margaretenpl./Schönbrunner Str. → Pilgramgasse → Magdalenenstraße → Haus des Meeres → Neubaugasse → Westbahnstr./Neubaugasse → Burggasse/Neubaugasse –-> Strozzigasse → Lederergasse → Laudongasse → Alser Str., Skodagasse.

At Skodagasse, the bus turns around to return to the main station. Therefore going to the main station, you catch the bus at the same place you get off.

After getting off. The road in front of you with tram tracks is Alser Str. Do not cross the tracks! Turn right and walk along Alser Str. There is a post office marked BAWAG on your right. Cross a small road. You pass a Billa shop (the biggest Austrian chain owned by German Rewe), a Billa pharmacy and other shops and cafés. Walk until you reach a crossroads with tram tracks crossing. Cross this road, the road name is „Lange Gasse“.

The hotel: You can already see the blue „Excellence“ sign ahead of you. It is the second or third entrance to your right. Take the small elevator in front of you to the floor marked „reception“. The reception is behind a glass door to your left. (Approximate walking time from tram stop is 3 minutes.)
To the University campus: The Vienna Center for Taiwan Studies on the university campus is a short (est. 5 minutes) walk from the Pension.

Leaving the Pension, cross the road to your left (name: Alser Str) The building in front of you and to your right (yellowish colour) is part of the university. After crossing Alser Str. walk straight ahead until you find a gateway on your right, and enter there. You should then see a book shop and the logo of the Confucius Institute of the University of Vienna on your right. Turn left there and walk by a driving school, another bookshop, and the Postgraduate Center, all to your left. This is the so-called „Court 1“ (Hof 1). Go straight ahead to another gate in front of you that you pass. Behind the gate is Court 2 (Hof 2). You have the university kindergarten ahead of you, but you turn right, pass the building to your left and turn left behind that building. A large tree and meadow should be in front of you with students sunbathing (if the sun is out). On your left there are entrances 2.1 and 2.2 and finally ours, 2.3. Enter 2.3 (with Chinese characters) and climb the stairs in front of you, until you reach glass doors, leading:

Left corridor: to class rooms SIN 2 and SIN 1 to your left.

Right corridor. First entrance left: Vienna Center for Taiwan Studies. Second door right: administrative office.

Alternative (depending on train schedule)

To and from Vienna Airport (Schwechat) to Campus/ Pension Excellence via Praterstern (S7) + Lange Gasse (Tram 5) takes 1 hr (at least). Change at Praterstern.

Same tickets and same platforms. From the airport, take S 7 direction Floridsdorf S 7 goes from the Airport twice hourly xx.18 and xx48 mins. Travel time to Praterstern is about 30 minutes.

Stops: Flughafen Wien (VIE) → Mannswörth → Schwechat → Wien Kaiserebersdorf → Wien Zentralfriedhof → Wien Geiselbergstraße → Wien St. Marx (Vienna Bio Center) → Wien Rennweg → Wien Mitte / Landstraße → Wien Praterstern.

From the Praterstern train platform, take the escalator down 1 floor to the main hall. In the main hall walk direction Praterstr / Heinestr. /Nordbahngasse. (Wrong direction: Lassallestr!) Leave the main hall. Directly in front of you is the tram stop of tram 5 direction Westbahnhof. Take tram to stop Lange Gasse. Stops: Praterstern → Nordbahnstraße → Am Tabor → Nordwestbahnstraße → Rauscherstraße → Wallensteinplatz → Klosterneuburger S./Wallensteinstr. → Gerhardusgasse → Wexstraße → Friedensbrücke → Franz-Josefs-Bahnhof → Nußdorfer Str./Alserbachstr. → Spitalgasse → Lazarettgasse → Lange Gasse.

To our institute:

Get off Tram 5, 43 or 44 at stop Lange Gasse. You will exit in front of our university building. Walk straight ahead to the next crossing, cross the road you have arrived at (Lange Gasse) and take the gate entrance ahead of your You should be in Hof (court) 1. Turn left until you reach Court 2 (you have to go through another gate). Turn right after the gate, go until you are facing a meadow. In front of the meadow, there is a row of buildings, and this is where our department is. Go to entrance 2.3 that has Chinese characters on it for sinology. Go to 1st floor, there is only one upper floor. Proceed past the glass door to your left. The second door on the left hand side is SIN 1, our lecture hall.

University of Vienna - Campus